PCI-Express PCIE 6 Pin to Dual 8 (6+2) Pin VGA Graphic Video Card Adapter Power Supply Cable PCI-E power cable Approx:20cm

100% brand New
Connect any graphics card to a single 6-pin PCI-Express Power Cable.

The 6+2-pin female connectors offer maximum versatility.


Warning: Do not overload your power supply or the 6-pin power cable, running more than 300W over a single 6-pin 18AWG PCI-Express cable is a fire hazard.

1.Length: Approx.: 8 inches / 20cm
2. Connector A: 1 x 6pin PCI E Female
3. Connector B: 2 x 8(6+2)pin PCIe Male
4. Voltage: 12V DC
5. High quality 18AWG wire
6. RoHS compliant
7. Packaging: Padded Envelope


Package Includes:
1 x PCI-e 6 pin to Dual 8 Pin (6+2) Video Card Power Extension Cable


*It is your responsibility to ensure you don’t overload your power supply beyond its capacity, which may cause it to shut down or overload and fail if it is a particularly low grade unit. Equally it is your responibility to ensure the load limits of the PCI-E specification are not exceeded*

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