Note:   Display Port DP Male (Input) To HDMI Female  (Output)   Unidirectional

4K HD Portable Display Port DP Male To HDMI Female Adaptor For Digital TV Plasma TV LCD TV Computer HD Game Console



1080P DP Male to HDMI Female Convertor. Help you easily convert video.

It features a neodymium magnet for an extra-strong hold, nickel plated HDMI female convertor, needles for efficient power transmission, and encased in a premium aluminium alloy shell.

Small and light enough make it easy carrying making.

Home must, it will bring you many convenience.

Suitable for digital TV, plasma TV, LCD TV, computer, HD game console, HD / Blu-ray DVD, digital camera, projectors


Connect Display Port using HDMI cables to existing HDMI devices

One single cable for AV application thus reduces cost on both the PC side as well as the display side

Plug and play feature makes it very user friendly

Embedded clock architecture to reduce EMI susceptibility

Display Port v1.1 Compliant.

Enable high quality optional digital audio transmissions

Support greater then AXGA (2048 x 1536) resolution at 24 bit colour depths

VESA and CEA standards.

Hot plug and un-plug detection as well as link status – failure detection Support reduced bandwidth transmission via direct drive over a 15 meter cable

Support conversation from DisplayPort signal to DVI signal

Supports Display Port connector 20 pin

Supports a minimum of 1080P resolution at 24bpp, 50/60 Hz at 15 meters

8 bit & 10 bit deep color

Video bandwidth up to 10.8Gpbs

1Mbps bidirectional auxiliary channel

The cable has the ability to deliver high definition digital audio and video to the display in packet data format, allowing selective screen area updates and provides power saving features required for notebook application.



Type: DP Male to HDMI Female Convertor

Material: ABS

Quantity: 1pc

Item Colour: Black

Resolution: 1080P

I/O: 1* DP male part, 1*HDMI female part

Size: 5*2.3*0.9cm/2*0.9*0.4” (L*W*H)

Net Weight: 10g / 0.4oz




1 x DP Male to HDMI Female Convertor

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